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The Secrets of Management
The Secrets of Management
ISBN 9781419668579
Author Botha Laubscher
Price R 228,00
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Simply put, The Secrets of Management by Botha Laubscher is a living classic of modern management technology written for managers, students, academics, and laymen interested in gaining insight into management. Comprehensive, far-reaching, and highly understandable, this quintessential business management guide vastly improves on traditional management functions models to become a touchstone for the management of modern businesses. With good insight into and surprisingly simple guidelines to the management functions, the author blends proven and new principles to provide a litmus test for corporations to gauge the effectiveness of their management. With an integrative and balanced approach, the author introduces a six-function management model comprising planning, designing, operating, culture, climate and knowledge. If an all inclusive and integrated view of management is still eluding you, this groundbreaking and provocative book is a must.
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