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The World of the Theory of Constraints
The World of the Theory of Constraints
ISBN 1574442767
Author Victoria Mabin Steven Balderstone
Price R 570,00
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The Theory of Constraints (TOC) - as developed by Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt - has seen a rapid expansion since the publication of his book, The Goal. As with most fast growing areas, you can quickly feel out of touch with new developments. The World of the Theory of Constraints provides a summary of recently published research on TOC.

The authors explored databases, and sought out papers and books drawing on as wide a range as possible. Aside from the works by Dr. Goldratt himself, the authors focus on items published since 1990, highlighting the most recent developments in TOC. The scope of the material covers works containing specific reference to TOC, including Synchronous Manufacturing and Constraint Management.

The book is organized into three sections:

The first section contains an analysis and interpretation of the results of the search.
The second provides abstracts on all the material.
The third supplies author, keyword, and subject indexes along with a list of books, journals, websites, and publishers.
Extensively researched and referenced, The World of the Theory of Constraints furnishes comprehensive material on TOC. The multi-search approach has made this arguably the most exhaustive bibliography on this subject available. If you are researching TOC, this is the best place to start. If you use or teach TOC, you will want this resource.
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