The Choice
The Choice
ISBN 9780620422796
Author Eliyahu M. Goldratt
Price R 228,00
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Eli Goldratt is known by millions of readers worldwide as a scientist, educator and business guru. His Theory of Constraints (TOC) is taught at businesses, large and small, have adopted his methodologies. TOC has been successfully applied in almost every area of human endeavor, from industry to healthcare to education. And while Eli Goldratt is indeed a scientist, an educator and a business leader, he is first and foremost a philosopher; some say a genius. He is a thinker who provokes others to do the same. Often characterized as unconventional, and always stimulating- a slayer of sacred cows- Dr. Goldratt exhorts his readers to examine and reassess their lives and business practices by cultivating a different perspective and a clear new vision. In his latest book, The Choice,Goldratt once again presents his thought-provoking approach, this time through a conversation with his daughter, Efrat, as he explains to her his fundamental system of beliefs.
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