Necessary but not Sufficient Series
Necessary but not Sufficient Series
Author Dr Eli Goldratt
Price R 1 500,00
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During this 8-session series, Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt shows in a concise way some of management assumptions and rules that need to be changed to improve performance.

Dr. Goldratt challenges the role of software, shows the reason for technology, explains the underlying TOC rules for production, project management, distribution, and measurements. He presents the basis of the Theory of Constraints, as well as its implications when implementing TOC as a holistic approach for continuous improvement.

1 - The reason for Technology
Proof that any technology is necessary but not sufficient demonstrated on two extreme examples: MRP and ERP. Technology can bring benefit if, and only if, it diminishes a limitation. Long before the availability of technology, we developed modes of behavior (policies, measurements and rules) to help us accommodate our limitations. But what benefits will any technology bring if we neglect to change the rules?

Length: 48 minutes     Language: English         

2 - The basic assumptions of TOC
A look into reality based on the common sense approach of the hard sciences.
Dr. Goldratt demonstrates that complex systems and conflicts are a result of our perception of reality and that by changing that perception, solutions of an order of magnitude can be attained.

Length: 20 minutes     Language: English

3 - A look into the rules of Operations
Transforming production from the prevailing cost-world mentality into the common sense approach of the throughput-world mentality. Review the fundamentals of operations to maximize flow and reduce waste, without the use of cost world measurements, like efficiencies, which block the ability of the organization to generate more throughput.

Length: 36 minutes     Language: English

 4 - A look into the rules of Project Management
Finishing projects ahead of time, within the allotted budget, and without compromising the content. Project Management can be applied to a vast diversity of cases. Challenge the beliefs imbedded in project management and execution, for example, in order to finish a project on time, each task must finish on time.

Length: 26 minutes      Language: English

5 - A look into the rules of Distribution
How to help the distribution link to drastically improve its performance. Every company is a link in a supply chain, and as long as the end consumer has not bought, nobody has sold. The biggest clot in the supply chain - the majority of the inventories - are usually found in the distribution stage. Find out how it's possible to increase availability, while decreasing inventory levels.

Length: 23 minutes     Language: English

6 - A look into Measurements
Measurements are, without question, number one in terms of power to impact behavior. Discover how to implement measurements which induce the parts to do what is good for the company as a whole. Operational measurements such as throughput and inventory dollar-days are the key to an effective supply chain.

Length: 41 minutes     Language: English

7 - The role of Software
A look at the current reality and future direction for software providers and integrators.
The rules have changed. Proof that in order to survive, software providers and integrators must collaborate to change the bureaucracy of the computer systems to fit with the new rules and bring customers fast and significant bottom line improvements.

Length: 36 minutes     Language: English

8 - Implementing TOC as a Holistic Approach
The common sense found in the pages of the best selling book The Goal is the foundation of the Theory of Constraints (TOC). Silver bullets do exist. TOC brings fast and significant results, and with such silver bullets there also comes a natural resistance from the prevailing culture. Listen as Dr. Goldratt shares his analysis of what prevents companies from taking actions shown in The Goal, and HOW by implementing TOC as a holistic approach this can be overcome and major benefits can be achieved.

Length: 36 minutes     Language: English


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