TOC Insights Client - Server Application

Author: Rami & Eli Goldratt


The ultimate TOC learning resource that works on a local network!

The TOC Insights Client-Server Application was created to respond to a highly demanded training/education need: To have the TOC Insights learning resources available within companies through their Local Area Networks (LAN).

The TOC Insights were carefully produced to ease its usage and maximize the learning experience. Users can learn at their own speed and easily review any of the material, as they need. Having the LAN integration brings tremendous added value for the company and users of TOC Insights:

  • Ease of accessibility
  • Security and control over application use and licenses
  • Immediate access by client user - is easier, faster and more reliable than shuffling installations from 1 system to another
  • Scalability to meet the demands of tens, hundreds, thousands of concurrent users with a reasonably low cost for additional licenses
  • Increased flexibility to adapt to changing environment

Training/educational departments now have one of the best available learning tools, that will enable them to make TOC knowledge available for the organization’s associates!


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