The new 1-day Odyssey Program, presented by Dr. Alan Barnard, will help you understand 

why we all sometimes resist changes that we probably know will be good for us and/or make 

changes that end up being bad for us and our organizations. The program follows five simple 

steps using a simplified version of the TOC Thinking Processes designed specifically to help 

us overcome the five most common decision mistakes we make with dealing with chronic 

problems and/or stressful expectation gaps.

Past attendees say that the Odyssey program does its name justice. It offers attendees a 

journey of personal discovery to help find and overcome their own bottlenecks. For some, 

it helped them to get unstuck in making an important decision, some used it to create a robust 

plan to achieve an ambitious goal and others learned how to transform the fears and frustrations 

that often result in decision mistakes, into hope and fascination.


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